Sunday, August 12, 2012

General Library Research Tutorial and Quiz

If you use the Library's online General Library Research Tutorial (GLRT), please note the librarians have modified the GLRT and the GLRT Quiz this year. While many things remain the same, some things have changed.
  • The General Library Research Tutorial(GLRT), a 2-3 hour modular tutorial, is still available online from the Library’s home page under Subject Guides > GLRT or at this address:
  • The accompanying 25-item GLRT Final Quiz is still available online here: and via a link on the last page of the GLRT. You may use the GLRT and the GLRT Quiz as a ‘co-requisite’ for your class(es) and request a list of students who have passed the quiz. A score of 70% is passing.
  • The 25-question “self-assessment” is no longer available at the end of the GLRT. Faculty who previously required students to take the entire self-assessment and print out their results to hand in as evidence will no longer be able to do so. The questions have been integrated throughout the tutorial as “Self-Check” questions to improve retention. 
How can I use the GLRT and GLRT Quiz in my class?
You can assign the GLRT and its Quiz as a prerequisite for your course to be completed by a certain due date, most likely before students begin an information research assignment. After the due date, you can request a list of students who passed the Quiz from your liaison librarian. You'll receive the names of students who passed the Quiz with a score of 70% or greater, but not their actual scores.

Students can take the Quiz twice (questions are randomized) to achieve a passing score of 70%. If they do NOT pass after two attempts, they must make an appointment with a Research Librarian to reschedule a 3rd attempt. We recommend that faculty use some kind of incentive to make sure their students complete the GLRT and the Quiz by their assigned due date.

Why the changes?
The librarians are developing a proposal to offer a General Education Point in Information Literacy that will use students’ Quiz scores. This is why we don’t want the Quiz scores to also be used in classes towards a grade. Therefore, we are asking faculty to use the GLRT and the Quiz as a ‘co-requisite’ or 'prerequisite' for their classes.

As always, please contact your liaison librarian with any questions. Liaison librarians are also available to provide information literacy instruction or develop learning aids for your students for specific assignments.  Not sure who your liaison librarian is? Consult this list.

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