Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year, New Look for 2013!

Those of you entering the library for the new semester will notice something different about the main floor…we’ve updated! Brand new carpeting has been installed, and the furniture has been reconfigured for better accommodation.
The staff hopes that these changes are not only visually pleasing, but purposeful as well. Tables, carrels, and lounge furniture now have convenient accessibility to power outlets, group interaction, and ease of movement. As an added plus, enjoy the view! Additional open window space has been allocated for a pleasant, airy atmosphere as you hit the books. The new carpeting in a refreshing blue tone is the finishing touch to the new look for 2013.
 We would love to know what you think of this new arrangement. Brief feedback surveys are available at the Circulation Desk, or if you prefer, express your thoughts on the easel board placed nearby. Of course, you can also choose to reply here with your comments and suggestions.
Your opinion is very valuable as the staff at Andruss Library continues to be proactive in serving the needs of the BU population and general public. Thank you in advance for your time…and please check back as results will be posted in the very near future.
As of this week, we are encouraged by the positive comments! Some excerpts from the first day of survey returns include:
"The atmosphere looks friendly and inviting."
View of seating area, Andruss Library main floor
"The whole room seems brighter now!"
"Furniture arrangement is convenient for group discussions."
Keep the comments coming in- we enjoy hearing from you!

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