Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Headphone Sets Available

Need some serenity while studying at the library? Maybe listening to music helps you to concentrate better? The staff at Andruss library can offer some assistance to you in finding solace from distraction by offering quality headphones to enhance your study atmosphere. 

These headphones are currently available at the Circulation Desk, free of charge, so that you can “plug in” and listen to webinars, music, or maybe just serve as a barrier from nearby chatter. Using headphones can help eliminate the noise disturbance to others caused from playing video or music feeds without them.

The borrowing process is easy. Library patrons simply use their student ID to check a pair out and then use them (in-house only) for 2 hours at a time. Of course, if there is a late return on the headphones or they get misplaced, applicable fees will be applied.

If you are interested, try this free service next time you stop by Andruss Library. It might just be the remedy you need for quiet time during your visit.

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