Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's alive!

The Library's new website is online at http://guides.library.bloomu.edu/HarveyAndrussLibrary. The content is the same as the old one with changes on the back end that should improve its functionality and the user experience. 

Two changes of note:

1-  The Databases A-Z and Databases by Subject pages are merged. Either do a quick search by database name or use the drop-down menus to filter by subject and/or database type and/or vendor. For example, you can select 'Philosophy' for your Subject and 'Article Index/Abstract' for your Database Type:

2- The Ask A Librarian link now appears under the Harvey A. Andruss Library banner in the upper right corner on all guides. Look for it if you need to get 'live' help:

As fall semester approaches, we'll be putting the finishing touches on the site, fixing links, etc. If you discover any problems or dead links, please let us know via this form.


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