Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to get credit back for misprinted or unprinted pages

There may be occasions when a printer malfunctions and does not print your job, but charges you as if the job had printed. This may occur because of a paper jam, insufficient toner, an electrical disruption or any one of several other technical glitches. In such cases, we will credit your account by the number of misprinted or unprinted pages.
Here is how to get credit for misprinted or unprinted pages:
Contact the helpdesk by telephone (570-389-4357) or by visiting Ben Franklin 120. Be prepared to provide the following information:
·         Name
·         Contact information
·         Date
·         Approximate time and place of malfunction and the number of pages that misprinted or did not print.
As soon as the helpdesk confirms the daily printer logs, you will be credited with the appropriate number of pages.
If the misprint is toner related, then you must physically bring the pages to the helpdesk in person and provide the same information as above. It is worth noting that we will be monitoring toner use very carefully to avoid these issues.

Please note that questions or disputes about print charges should be directed to the Bloomsburg University helpdesk at 570-389-4357.

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