Thursday, September 24, 2015

Change to the 'Search Everything' box

In an effort to better assist you in finding research and reading materials available through the Library, the Library is making a change to the ‘Search Everything’ box on its website. Beginning this Saturday, September 26, the search will be rebranded as ‘Search Everything @ BU,’ and search results will be limited to materials actually available either through the Library (full-text online) or in the Library in physical format (hard copy). Of course you will still be able to find materials that are available elsewhere, not just at BU, by simply ‘xing out’ the ‘Available in Library Collection’ limiter:

This limiter will show up prominently starting on Saturday.

This change effects only the 'Search Everything' box.  It is being made because of the confusion we’ve heard from patrons when many search results are not immediately available through the Library.  Also, patrons have expressed concern when items they know are in the Library don’t show up on the first page of search results.  This new configuration will favor Library-owned items.

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