Thursday, October 15, 2015

The George Keller Photograph Collection

The Bloomsburg University Archives is proud to announce its latest acquisition, a collection of hundreds of photographs from the personal collection of George Keller, the former University art professor and nationally-known wild animal trainer. The collection is yet to be organized, but it contains many rare and unique treasures dating from the early 1930s to late 1950s, just two of which can be seen below.

Appropriately enough, the collection arrived yesterday, October 13, the 82nd anniversary of the introduction of the first Bloomsburg mascot, Keller’s husky dog Roongo.  The first photograph below is the untouched original, taken 80 years ago this month, about six weeks before Roongo’s untimely passing in late November 1935, and may be the last photograph ever taken of him.  The second is the touched up version that was run on October 26, 1935 in the student newspaper, the Maroon and Gold.

 Enjoy these images from Bloomsburg University’s past.

Robert Dunkelberger

Bloomsburg University Archivist and Historian

Roongo is seen here wearing his blanket emblazoned with the team nickname.
Keller is holding his chain at arm’s length to keep him still for the photograph.

The touched up version used for publication. The chain has been removed, the hair around his face and neck tidied up, but most all the real tail between his legs has been removed and replaced with a full, bushy one arched over his back. Keller had no problem having things altered to put them in the best possible light.

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