Wednesday, March 20, 2019

You Spoke: My Favorite Things

Welcome to the fourth in a series of posts about the LibQual survey results.  Since we don't want all these posts to be about concerns you had, today we're talking about the positives you pointed out.

The #1 thing you liked about the library was our printed material. Yup, even though we have a lot of electronic material, we do still have many print books, and we're glad you think we have what you need for your projects. Remember that we have many types of print material--scholarly books, juvenile books and curriculum material, governments documents, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, musical scores, current bestselling novels, and more.

You also said you liked how we gave users individual attention and were available to help with questions.  Absolutely we're ready and willing to help.  If you have a question, click the "Ask Us" button on the homepage or use the pop-out chat feature.

Lots of people mentioned they like our interlibrary loan (ILL).  Thanks! We like being able to get you things you need, too.  Don't know what ILL is?  This is when we ask another library to send us a copy of a book, article, or other resource that we don't have so you can use it.  Try it out here

Finally, many of you mentioned individual employees in the library by name.  We appreciate that.

If you have questions about the LibQual results, please contact Katie Yelinek

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