Monday, March 11, 2013

You spoke: Group study rooms

Welcome to the second in a series of posts about the LibQual Survey results.  Today we are talking about group study rooms in the library.

You had a lot to say about the group study room situation!  Of the 581 comments that we received, 134 of them indicated we should have more group studies.   28 of the comments indicated a frustration with not enforcing the “2+” people preference in the rooms.  15 wished to be able to reserve rooms.  7 thanked us for adding more group studies over the past few years.  Other comments suggested allowing different group sizes in different rooms, converting some spaces to single study rooms, and creating a system to let you know which rooms were taken.

We have thought a lot about the group studies in the library.  You might have noticed that we changed the signage in the rooms.  While groups have priority in the rooms, we do want them to be used as much as possible.  So, a single person is welcome in the rooms but may be asked to leave if a group needs the space.  Please ask at the Circulation Desk if you are a group in need of a room.

We have doubled the number of group studies in the library over the past 3 years, from 16 to 32.  32 is the maximum that we have the room for right now.  We know this isn’t ever enough, especially during midterms and finals, and we remain committed to finding ways of making the rooms available in an equitable, reasonable, and transparent way.  The library is investigating some way to reserve rooms, but we’re going slowly with that.  Just as some of you want to be able to reserve a room, many others want to keep the first-come, first-serve system.  

If you have questions about the LibQual survey comments, please contact Katie Yelinek

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