Wednesday, February 27, 2019

You Spoke: Printing From Personal Devices

Welcome to the second in a series of posts about the LibQual survey results.  Today we're talking about printing from your personal devices.

One of the comments we got from the LibQual survey was a desire to be able to be off campus and send a print job to a printer on campus, to be picked up when you arrive for your classes.  In fact, you can do that!

You currently have the ability to print from any personal device (whether you are sitting in your apartment off campus, or are sitting on campus and using your laptop). 

Follow the directions posted here ( and then release the print job from your chosen printer when you arrive on campus. 

For more tips about nifty computing things you can do on campus, visit the Student Technology Support page:

If you have questions about the LibQual results, please contact Katie Yelinek.

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